A $3 Painting From Goodwill Sells For $190K

by Eric Von Lehmden | May 4, 2012

File this one under "Garage Sale / Vintage Store Treasures". An 81 year old man who wishes for his identity to remain anonymous (for now) bought a painting at a local Goodwill in Anderson South Carolina store for $3. Leroy (the man's middle name) has been a antiques dealer his whole career and regularly shops at Goodwill and other thrift stores about 4 times a week to find treasures that people didn't know they had and gave away. In fact, several of the furnishings in his house are antiques that he as found at Goodwill. Leroy bought the painting because he knew it had some age to it and he thought it was from the 1800's. His daughter in law took the painting to be appraised at The Antique Roadshow when it was filming close to their home town and was told it was in fact a painting from 1650 and was appraised for $20-$30K. But when they put it in an auction in Massachusetts the painting was purchased for $190,000. So keep your eyes peeled the next time you are at a thrift store or garage sale. You never know what kind of treasure you will find.



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Tips-n-Tricks #421

To get a goodsilhouette photo, your subject needs to be brightly lit from behind and they need to be in a darker area (ie shade). When you meter on your subject you will increase you shutter speed by 2 to 3 stops. For example if they are properly exposed at 1/60th of a second then try 1/500th of a second to get them darker compared to the background.

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