Something Big is on the Way - Starting Thanksgiving Day

by Eric Von Lehmden | November 25, 2014

This is just to let you know that we will have a pretty special deal starting on Thanksgiving Day. What is it you ask? Well, if you have signed up for our emails and newsletters you will know on Thursday. You could also check the site on Thursday to see (probably in the afternoon...after you have had your Thanksgiving dinner). We wouldn't want you to get this news on an empty stomach. You will see full details on the site and in the email on turkey day. We hope you find it worthwhile.

black friday sale


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Tips-n-Tricks #203

Great artists and photographers are also great at self-editing. If you are trying to make the leap into being a full time artist or photographer self editing will be one of the biggest skills you will develop. It will help to clearly define what your style is.

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