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Canvas Cheat Sheet: How to Get Amazing Canvas Wall Art

by Eric Von Lehmden | September 9, 2014

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Start With the Right Photo

Sounds pretty obvious right? But using the right photo can mean all the difference between average and amazing canvas wall art. Photos can create a variety of moods. A black and white photo might create a thoughtful mood, a fun picture of a family pet can create a whimsical mood, and a cherished family photo will almost always create a loving mood. Thinking about where you want to hang your canvas prints can help you decide which photo will be the most amazing in the place that you want to hang it. You might also want to:

  • Find a photo that captures your attention every time you look at it. If a photo makes you stop and think, chances are it will have the same draw for other viewers.
  • Pick an image that you will love for years to come. Quality canvas prints from Canvas Press last for decades!
  • Use photos that pay tribute to things that are important to your family. Photos of vacations, weddings, graduations, and other special occasions retain their meaning over time.

Use a selection process that allows you to funnel down the choice to the right photo or photos. I usually make a folder called "Possibles" and once I throw in all possible photos that I might turn into canvas prints then I start to critique and sort and soon the chosen few come out. From the chosen I may only order one canvas print, but at least I have the other ones I know will be fantastic already chosen and saved. I might not print them at that time because I am figuring out exactly where they will go in the house or I might be toying with the idea of making the rest into a collage of canvas prints. But like I said...at least I know they are already chosen.

Use the Highest Quality Versions of Your Photos Available

When it comes to photo enlargements quality is key because every detail in the photo will be clearer the larger a canvas print is made. In this era of photo sharing photos are often compressed to have fewer pixels, and therefore less detail, on sites like Facebook and Instagram. When viewed on computer and mobile screens and up to a certain size on canvas this detail loss isn’t apparent. However, if you want to get the most impact for your canvas prints be sure to use the original file of your photo whenever possible.

Pick the Best Wrap Option for Your Particular Photo

Wrap options are the options you have for how the visible sides of your canvas will look.

  • An image wrap, also known as a gallery wrap, continues your image to the sides of the canvas, creating a continuous gallery style look. If you want to preview this look before you order you can add 3.5" more to the height and width. For example if you wanted a 16x20 1.5" canvas print you would size your image to 19.5" x 23.5" then measure in on each side 1.75" to see which part of your photo will appear on the canvas front to see what will be wrapped to the sides. Note that you would probably have to have access to Photoshop to test that, or you can simply upload your image to our site and use the preview in our crop tool to see what portion of the photo will fall onto the sides of the canvas. On our site, when the Image Border is selected (it is also the default) then the area that is shaded in the gray box is what will appear on the sides of the canvas.
  • A mirror wrap flips the sides of an image to approximate the gallery wrap look while keeping the original image on the front of the canvas.
  • Color wraps allow you to choose a solid color for the sides of your canvas print. Color wraps provide a pop of color that can complement your photo and the color themes of the room where you plan to hang it.

Remember to Preview Your Order

The Canvas Press ordering process makes it easy to preview your order and make sure that your canvas prints will turn out the way that you expect. By previewing your order you can ensure that the outer edges of your canvas print will be where you want them to be and that your canvas wall art will turn out amazing. If you have any questions about your order you can always contact the friendly professionals of Canvas Press at 888.784.5553.

This canvas cheat sheet is written for Canvas Press. To find out more about Canvas Press’ products visit www.canvaspress.com

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To avoid taking "snapshots" make sure you are close enough to your subject. If they are too far away your photo loses impact. By filling your frame with your subject your photo has a focal point that you can connect with.

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