Congrats to our Vacation Photo Contest Winners

by Eric Von Lehmden | August 5, 2014

Big congratulations to our most recent photo contest winners.

1st place and winner of a 24"x36" 1.5" canvas print and 30% off Canvas Press orders for a year is - Kimberly Kieffer

vacation photo contest

2nd place and winner of a 16"x20" 1.5" canvas print and 20% off Canvas Press orders for a year is - Sheri Grabowski

vacation photo contest

3rd place and winner of an 11"x14" 1.5" canvas print and 15% off Canvas Press orders for a year is - Rick Kieffer

vacation photo contest


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Tips-n-Tricks #454

Taking photos at a birthday party? When the cake comes out and the candles are all lit. Try turning off your flash to get the glow of the candles on the birthday girl / boy 's face. You will have to move quickly and shooting in manual mode would be the best way. While everyone is singing happy birthday get your settings dialed in to get the shot right before they blow out the candles.

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