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Creative Housewarming Gift Ideas with Canvas Press

by Eric Von Lehmden | August 1, 2014

housewarming gift

Housewarming gifts make a new house or apartment feel more like home. Classic items like kitchenware, wine and food, and similar gifts never go out of style but if you want to give something unique, a canvas print will strike the right note! A canvas print can be personalized for the occasion and the recipient to make a new place more welcoming while celebrating the event. Follow our steps below for a creative housewarming gift.

Pick the Right Size

For a canvas print housewarming gift, it’s usually better to go with smaller sizes like 8"x8" or 8"x10". A large canvas is harder for the recipient to place and more difficult to integrate with the dcor ideas that they already have. In addition, housewarming gifts are by tradition smaller (and typically lower-budget) than gifts for other occasions.

Personalize the Canvas Print

Incorporating the recipient’s last name in a canvas print is an easy, instant way to personalize your housewarming gift. Printed over a solid color background or in solid colors over an image, this print will stand out and announce the family’s new home wherever it is placed.

You might also want to use the house numbers for the new home, either together with the last name or alone. One way to use both without being overwhelming is to use just the first letter of the last name together with the house number. You can also incorporate their moving date as an "Established date" for a fun update. For a twist, use the home’s longitude and latitude coordinates. You can look this up easily on Google Maps:

  • Look up the address on Google Maps as you normally would.
  • Right-click the "pin" for the address and select the "What’s here?" option.
  • Below the address street box, you’ll see a thumbnail of the location’s Street View (if available) and the latitude and longitude coordinates in decimal format.
  • If you prefer the look of degrees, minutes, and seconds, convert the decimal format using a tool like this one from the US FCC.

Go with Room-based Dcor

Giving a gift of room-themed dcor is best if you know the person well, or if they have discussed their dcor ideas for the new place with you. This way you can match your gift to the style and themes you know they will like and will match the plans they have for the new space. If you like this idea but aren’t too sure whether it will complement the recipient’s plans, try to find out if the recipient has any Pinterest boards or Facebook albums about dcor that you can use for inspiration.

Use Quotes that Feel Like Home

There are many, many sayings and poems that are less used but still express the sentiment that "there’s no place like home." Printed on canvas these sentiments are a modern update on the classic needlepoint samplers that used to be a housewarming go-to. No matter which motif you choose for your canvas print housewarming gift it’s sure to make a stylish impression!

This article is written for Canvas Press. To find out more about Canvas Press’ products visit www.canvaspress.com.


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