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7 Unique Family Photo Ideas: Lifestyle Family Portraits & More

by Eric Von Lehmden | July 17, 2014

family portrait ideas

For the bold and daring who might want a non traditional family portrait we have a few ideas for you that you can get inspiration from. These are definitely not your run of the Olen Mills family portrait ideas. I spent some time scouring some of my favorite photographer sites and Pinterest to find something out of the norm for your next family portrait. I think these ideas are still worthy of hanging on a wall or over a fireplace, but if you are into smiling faces and everyone looking at the camera then these probably aren't going to be your cup o' tea.

It is always hard for a family to figure out what kind of portrait you want. So I want you to use these examples and maybe show them to your photographer...or if you are your own photographer then use them as a jumping off point to see what else is out there or maybe it will spark an idea that you want to try. I say go for it. Think outside the box and let your creativity run wild. Remember that composition and lighting are still key to a great photo. It is just up to your imagination on how you capture the family.

I love both traditional and lifestyle family portraits. I think having a mix of both makes a perfect blend for capturing the likeness of the family and the essence of the family. The traditional takes care of the likeness and the lifestyle takes care of the essence or personality of the family. It's ok to mix the two on your decor...there is room for both. I tend to think of the lifestyle portraits more as artwork so you can take more of a chance and print those bigger. It looks more like artwork when it is done well. Again, this is just my opinion, but I would tend to print traditional family portraits a little smaller...especially when paired with the lifestyle portrait.

Enough talk. Let's check out the portraits.

family portrait ideas, image is foundphoto by one of my favorite photographer couples: The Image Is Found


family portrait ideas, image is foundphoto also by: The Image Is Found

family portrait ideas, velvet owl photographyLove this idea. Beautifully executed by Velvet Owl Photography


family portrait ideas, velvet owl photographyThis photo is also by Velvet Owl Photography


family portrait ideas, liz labianca photographyVery artistic reflection family portrait by Liz Labianca Photography


family portrait ideas, kn photographyIf I had a scene like this near Austin I would take something like this in a heartbeat...take advantage of your surroundings. This beautiful photo was taken by: Kelsey Nielson


family portrait ideas, alison janki photographyThe "Walking Away" photo can be especially powerful with kids. Beautiful photo by: Alison Janki Photography

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