Friday Wrap Up - 7/11

by Eric Von Lehmden | July 11, 2014

At the end of each week, I like to share a few links that the Canvas Press team has stumbled across and found enjoyable. It could be a something beautiful, creative, artistic, tasty, funny or weird. There is interesting stuff out there and we know we are only scratching the surface by sharing a few links...but's a start. Here is the list of this week's links.


Grandpa's Photos

The Five Deer

Pedro Alverez - the color in his photos is amazing

Photo Prop Ideas - not just for weddings

Chocolate Pudding - Homemade

Food Photography - Pinterest

Photography, fine art printing and decorating news and advice

Tips-n-Tricks #21

If you are photographing something or someone in super bright sunshine then don't forget to use the "Sunny 16" rule on your DSLR. Set your aperture to f16 and match your shutter speed to your ISO. For example: ISO is 100 then shutter speed is 100th of a second and aperture guessed it f16. Perfect exposure, every time.

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