Congrats to Our Photo Contest Winners

by Eric Von Lehmden | June 30, 2014

The voting is done and the judging has finished. It was a tough choice to pick the three winners in our Dog Photo Contest. From the top 7 with the most votes plus 3 that our staff chooses we voted and here are the results.

1st place - Jess Gibson "Dashing Through the Snow"

2nd place - Paul Davidson "Meet Sam Adams, Mr. Stoic"

3rd place - Rey McGehee "Can You Hear the Rocky Theme?"


We want to thank everyone who entered a photo and all who voted as well. We know dog owners are passionate about their pups. We can't wait for our next photo contest coming up this month. Be ready!


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Tips-n-Tricks #449

Great example of a "wall of light". Wait until it gets dark outside, turn off all the lights then open the door to your fridge. See how the light creates interesting shadows and contrast. If you don't mind your food thawing out then practice taking some photos of your kids or loved one using that wall of light.

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