Friday Wrap Up - 6/21

by Eric Von Lehmden | June 20, 2014

We have World Cup Fever! We hope whoever you are rooting for is doing well! You might be aware that each Friday we are sharing interesting stuff we have found on the web. Most of the time it has to do with creativity. Occasionally we can veer off track. This Friday we may be veering off a tiny bit off track, but we want to share creative and cool things that have to do with the World Cup. We hope you enjoy.

World Cup Player Posters by Ricardo Mondragon

Best of Pel - Bicycle kick at 2:21

What to eat while watching the World Cup

Emma Allen

Joy Is Round

Photography, fine art printing and decorating news and advice

Tips-n-Tricks #414

When you are trying to hand hold a camera during a longer exposure (ex 1/10th of a second). Try to brace yourself against something or get a wide stance. Get your focus and then bring the camera to your chest to hold it steady. Breathe out and press your shutter multiple times. Usually the middle one is the best.

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