Friday Wrap Up 4/25

by Eric Von Lehmden | April 25, 2014

We hope you all had a terrific week. Here are a few links that we found interesting and want to pass them along to you. We are intrigued by anything that is creative. That could be a product, a website, a video, a design...whatever. We like to share these with you so you can find something new and cool out there on the internet.

Design Milk

Mr. Cup (formerly Graphic Exchange)

What is it You Desire Most?

Fuji XT1

Guy Laramee

Design Seeds


Photography, fine art printing and decorating news and advice

Tips-n-Tricks #80

If your subject is in shade and there is bright light behind them you can either turn on your flash to help fill in the subject. If your camera is in auto mode it will most likely meter for the background and without a flash it will leave your subject looking very dark.

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