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How to Master a Collection of Eclectic Wall Art | Canvas Press

by Laura McPherson | April 15, 2014

Seeing a collection of eclectic wall art can be inspiring and excite our imagination, causing us to form connections that might not otherwise have occurred. Eclectic wall art collections are definitely trending on Pinterest and elsewhere, but at first glance it might not be immediately apparent what makes a well-done eclectic collection of wall art work. These tips can help you piece together the ingredients and create your own eclectic wall décor.

Eclectic Wall Art Collection Ingredient #1: Form

via Better Homes and Gardens

Many believe that form should follow function, but when it comes to eclectic collections of wall art there is no one defined form that works. Eclectic collections can be arranged in virtually any shape. Sometimes it appears that there is no method to the madness and other times a collection may seem carefully thought out. To navigate the form of your eclectic wall art collection, consider the following:

Do you want to add to your collection over time? If so, the initial shape of your arrangement should allow room for growth.

Is there a predominant shape in the room where you are looking at hanging the collection? Choosing a contrasting shape for the form of your hung pieces can create a pleasing distinction that goes with the eclectic style.

By contrast, does the wall where you want to hang the collection have a particular shape, such as a vented attic room or triangular alcove? In these cases, following the shape of the wall may work best.

Eclectic Wall Art Collection Ingredient #2: Theme

Committing to a central theme is one of the easiest ways to make sure that a collection of eclectic wall art works. The theme that you choose should be meaningful and attractive to you and should also compliment the area where you will be hanging your eclectic wall art collection. Different ideas for theme include:

Hobbies and interests, such as displays reflecting a love of travel, nature, music, and so on.

Concepts and memories, such as family photos, the passage of time, or arts and crafts.

A favorite color. A theme does not have to be a clear cut concept! If you love a color or want to jazz up a space, picking a theme based only on a color can be a creative way to connect eclectic pieces.

Eclectic Wall Art Collection Ingredient #3: Texture

Highly effective eclectic wall art collections incorporate different textures to set off the "sameness" of the theme, making this a defining element for eclectic collections. This is in contrast to more traditional wall art groupings, which tend to follow the same texture and theme. You can add texture to your eclectic wall décor with:

In some instances the shape of the wall should determine the form of an eclectic collection of wall art.

via www.birchandbird.com

Frames in different materials, shapes, or colors.

Differently sized focal pieces, which can include incorporating matting on some pieces but not others to add visual interest.

Embracing mixed media wall art by embellishing your wall art pieces with 3D pieces like plates or other easily hung sculptural elements.

Eclectic Wall Art Collection Ingredient #4: Imagination

Imagination might be the most important element of all for a successful eclectic collection of wall art. The eclectic collections that tend to most catch the eye also tend to have an aura of the unexpected, such as a serious work highlighted amongst more light-hearted pieces or an unexpected mirror or other piece of flair. Use design boards to try out your ideas and solicit feedback for making your eclectic collection of wall art shine.

You may want to leave room for your eclectic collection to grow later. Via elegantabode.blogspot.com


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