Canvas Prints To Frame or Not to Frame?

by Laura McPherson | April 9, 2014

One of the benefits of canvas prints is that they can be hung directly on your wall without framing, but canvas prints can also be framed for a put-together, finished look. Canvas prints are usually framed when the print is mounted at depths less than two inches. Since part of the beauty of canvas prints is in the texture of the canvas, even when framed canvas prints are not generally hidden behind glass. So how do you choose whether to frame your canvas print or hang it as mounted?

The Benefits of Unframed Canvas Prints

gallery wrap canvas prints

Canvas prints do not require a frame to make a statement. A finished canvas print can match the dcor and attitude of any room in your home with or without a frame. Many choose unframed canvas prints for the modern style they provide, especially when the dcor of a room is more on the minimalist side. Generally, you might want to consider hanging a canvas print unframed if:

You like the idea of using a gallery, image, or mirror wrap, where the edges of the image wrap around the edges of the canvas stretcher frame. Note though that float frames from a professional framer may still allow the canvas edges to show.

It is part of a series of images that are meant to flow together. While these can be framed, a frame might break up the story flow if you are not careful, especially if the images are sequential.

You are still planning out the dcor for the room where the canvas print will be hung, and are not sure whether you’re ready to commit to a frame that could influence the rest of your decorating plan.

The Benefits of Framed Canvas Prints

framed canvas prints

Framing a canvas print does more than provide a finished look; it can also add additional protection to your print, especially if the print is hung in a high traffic area where the corners might be bumped on occasion. There are no hard and fast rules to this personal choice, though you might consider framing your canvas print before hanging if:

The majority (or even all) of the artwork in the room is already framed. In this situation, you will want to make sure that your canvas prints are framed to match unless you are following eclectic influences.

You prefer a finished, traditional look as opposed to a more modern presentation. However, modern or contemporary prints can still be framedlook towards lighter, thinner frames to complement the print.

The subject matter in the print isn’t a perfect match the room where you want to hang it. In some cases, framing might help canvas prints match your existing dcor more closelyor even help that print pop!

Canvas Press can print, stretch, mount and frame your canvas prints for durable and meaningful home dcor. Traditional frames are available for .75" depth canvases and float frames are offered for 1.5" canvas, and Canvas Press' canvas has a finish that protects your prints without the need of protective glass. Learn more by visiting

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