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Canvas Press' Biggest Canvas Sizes | Large Canvas Printing

by Eric Von Lehmden | March 27, 2014

Walls come in all different sizes so why wouldn’t the artwork that covers them also come in different sizes? Your artwork should come in any size you want it to. We try to make that happen as best we can with our large canvas photo prints. The question we get asked quite a bit is, "How big can I make a canvas print?" There is an easy straightforward answer to that question and then a few notes to be made about that answer.

how large can i make a canvas print

The answer you are looking for is 54 inches X 96 inches. But to be more specific that would be the biggest canvas size we can print on our 1.5" depth stretcher bars.

For our .75" canvas, the biggest canvas size you can choose is a 48" X 48". We don’t go larger than that size because with a .75" depth stretcher bar the structure can become more susceptible to warping and sagging if you go any larger.

At the 2" depth the biggest canvas size you can order is 50" X 96". You might ask why couldn’t we print larger with a seemingly sturdier frame depth. Well, the answer lies with the printers. Our printer width is 60" and when you take into account the extra material needed to wrap around a 2" depth stretcher frame then the width actually gets a little smaller than out 1.5" depth canvas print.

The next question we after we tell someone how large of a canvas print we can make is, "What kind of camera do I need to make a canvas print that size?" The answer isn’t as easy as you might think. The reason is that it doesn’t all have to do with what kind of a camera you use. You could use an expensive DSLR camera, but if the image is blurry or dark and has a lot of noise then the larger you blow that up the worse it becomes.

how large can i make a canvas print

Here are some general rules to follow if you do want a giant canvas print:

  • DSLR’s will typically give you the largest files to enlarge to a 54"x96" canvas.

  • Vector files can be resized to any size without quality loss. That doesn’t help photographers because vector files are usually graphic designs and text.

  • Proper exposure of a photograph will greatly increase the quality of a large canvas print. If an image is underexposed and needs to be adjusted in then digital noise will rear it’s ugly head and can ruin the look of an image.

  • We have made photos on canvas from iPhone images that were close to 30"x40", so it is possible to make large canvas prints from your smartphone, but the same exposure and lighting principles apply.

Who makes canvas prints that large?

You would be surprised.We provide large canvas printing services for businesses, hotels, restaurants as well as photographers, artists and home owners. Anyone looking to cover a large are with a beautiful custom canvas print should contact us. We can help you get your image ready to print and make the whole process easy for you.

When you are ready to use our large canvas printing service feel free to email us at support@canvaspress.com or call us at 888.784.5553.

how large can i make a canvas print


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