Friday Wrap Up 3/21

by Eric Von Lehmden | March 21, 2014

Each Friday my goal is to share with you some interesting things we have stumbled across on the web. It could be a product, some cool artwork, a recipe (because we love food) or anything creative that made us bookmark it or pin it. We feel strongly enough about it to tell you to check it out. This particular Friday is a little more geared toward the fellas.


Basically this site has all kinds of cool gear for guys.


Trunk Club

trunk club



We love these notebooks. Of course I am a little obsessed with paper and pens. But the paper is literally made from stone.

Ogami stone notebooks

Modern Hepburn

Prepare to spend hours looking at the amazing images and words curated here.

modern hepburn


Old School Baseball. Like...turn of the century baseball.



Photography, fine art printing and decorating news and advice

Tips-n-Tricks #143

To create a visual photo album fill an end table or console table with small table top photos in frames. Mix in photos of family that are both antique (grandparents) and photos from recent trips and adventures. Mix the styles and sizes of the frames for an eclectic look. Just remember to place the larger frames toward the back for better visibility. Fill the table with photos, it is a great conversation starter and just fun to look at and relive memories.

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