Measurements for Popular Wall Collages of Canvas Prints

by Caroline Cohoon | March 5, 2014

So, you’ve seen those amazing wall collages on Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, our blog etc and thought, "How do I do that???" Don’t worry, we have too. Unfortunately the internet is a deep dark rabbit hole and most of the original information that may have been available is no longer out there. So we’ve chosen a few of the more popular designs and broken them down for you by size. These may not be the exact sizes of the originals but these suggestions will work for these type of layouts. In several of the designs the sizes are obviously not the same as the original but make the layout a little more standardized.

I know that we have been guilty of posting plenty of good ideas in the past, but not really giving the specific sizes of the canvas prints in a collage. We think that this will rectify that. Take these measurements as a guideline. We know that these measurements won't work for every wall. Not to worry, we can still customize wall collages to your specific wall size.

Let us help make one of these fabulous collages for you on canvas, metal or fine art watercolor paper. Send us an email to let us know you’re interested!

Original Image Sources:

8x8 grid

photo wall collage

12x12 frames

photo wall collage

BW large wall

canvas wall collage

Color large wall

canvas wall collage

Computer wall

office wall collage

Dresser collage

canvas wall collage

Filmstrip: The Joneses Movie Set

filmstrip wall collage

Kid collage

wall collage of canvas prints

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