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2-inch Deep Canvas Prints for Sale from Canvas Press

by Eric Von Lehmden | June 11, 2013

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You know those cheesy car or furniture commercials where they scream "Inventory Sale", claim they over bought a specific item, and now it is on sale to you? Hmmmm well little confession to make. We have a little too much of our 2" depth material that we use to make our 2-inch deep canvas prints soooo guess what. It's on SALE! We don't have a loud car commercial or a midnight madness sale, but for a limited time you can purchase a 2" depth canvas print at any size for the same price as the 1.5" depth canvas.

If you head to our "Products & Pricing" page on our website. Select the Canvas option and you will see on the far right the prices for the 2" canvas prints are in red and they are the same as the 1.5" column. So choose any size to try a 2" photo on canvas. It doesn't matter...well there are a few parameters. We can print a canvas as small as 8"x8" or as large as 50"x96" and anything in between.

There are several advantages of a 2-inch deep canvas. They definitely can make a statement on a wall. You wouldn't think that a 1/2 inch would make a big deal but it really does. That extra 1/2 inch also gives large canvas prints extra stability without adding too much weight. You don't need a frame for a 2-inch deep canvas prints at all. If you choose the color border option and select black and the color border you get the effect of a framed piece without the extra cost of actually framing it. A 2" canvas also makes a great centerpiece for a wall collage. You can choose other photos or canvas depths to compliment it on your wall, but put that focal photo on the 2" canvas and it will definitely stand out.

If you have been wanting to try one out now is a great time. Simply head over to the site: www.canvaspress.com and click on "Create Your Art" to get started on your project. Have questions about our 2" canvas or any other product? Give us a call at 888.784.5553 or email us at support@canvaspress.com

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