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Photos on Canvas and Weddings...A Match Made in Heaven as the Perfect Wedding Gift

by Eric Von Lehmden | August 9, 2012

If you are anything like us, you rack your brain trying to find that absolute perfect gift for someones event. Wedding, birthday party, Christmas...whatever. Well I think we have found a great solution for you. Canvas Prints have gained in popularity in large thanks to professional photographers taking beautiful wedding photos and young couples wanting a unique way to show off their beautiful photos (and wedded bliss). There are a couple of ways you can do this FOR the couple.

  1. Flat out ask the couple for a few of their favorite wedding photos. Tell them you want to do something special with them and they won't regret it. That way you have the high resolution file that you can simply upload on the canvaspress.com website and order it.
  2. Buy them a gift certificate from us to give them and let them know they can order their canvas print whenever they would like.
  3. Break into their house...take the dvd of images, but replace that with a dvd of photos doing crazy things. Then use the "borrowed" images to order their photo canvas

Out of the top 3 we are only serious about 2 of them. We will let you use your best judgement.

However you do it, then end result will look amazing and you will have friends who will think of their special day and the special people who gave it to them...happily ever after. If you need help during the ordering process or need help narrowing down several photos you can always use the Free Image Consultation and we will be more than happy to help.

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Tips-n-Tricks #101

If you are taking a long exposure, use a tripod or set the camera on something sturdy. Use the camera's self timer to ensure the sharpest photo. Even the slightest jolt from your finger pressing the shutter can make a blurry photo. The self timer takes care of that.

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