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Product Review: Instagram

by Canvas Press | June 16, 2011

Summer is in full swing, and most of you by now are snapping away on your mobile devices. At Canvas Press, we like to think it's one's duty to document life with photography. Most of us now have mobile phones. In many ways, it's become far more convenient to take a picture with your phone instead of your point and shoot camera. Plus with social media like Facebook and Twitter, many of us are spreading our summer-loving photos all over the internet, sharing them with family and friends instantly. But with all the mobile apps out there, which one should you choose?

Enter Instagram. A fun-loving, easy way to snap photos, apply cool effects, and see images of other people you follow. Plus, you can geotag your images as well as post them to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. All from within one cool photo app.

For those of you who are social media savvy, Instagram offers an entire online community of photo enthusiasts who can view your photo stream, as well as "Like" and comment on your images.

If you're familiar with Twitter, then you'll feel right at home using mentions and hashtags from right inside the app, allowing you to tag people in your images or categorize them. There's even a stream for popular photos, allowing you to browse some of the most interesting and inspiring images created by other Instagram users.

And the best part about Instagram is that it's free! Yup, you heard right. It doesn't cost a dime. The only shortcoming is that currently it's only available for the iPhone. But there are rumors that an Android version might be in the works.

Customers of ours are already sending in their Instagram photos to create square Gallery Wraps of their favorite candid moments. Everything from snapshots of friends to cool vacation photos.

What better way to document your summer than by snapping away and sharing your retro candid photos than with Instagram?

Do you have any Instagram photos you would like to share? Post the link to it in the comments section below along with the title of your image. Happy Summer!



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