Colorado Company livens up office with Float Frame Canvases of Employee Photography

by Caroline Cohoon | May 31, 2011

Canvas Press recently did a project of large scale canvases with float frames for Lanx, a medical device company out of Colorado that designs spinal implants.They sent in dozens of beautiful wildlife shots to spruce up their blank new walls, and they knew that photos on canvas in float frames was just the look they wanted.

Executive Assistant Renee Bohlen, in charge of the project, shared the details with us. "We recently consolidated our offices into one space and had no art on the walls. The office was drab and was bringing the office morale down. As we are a Colorado company, management had the idea of employees submitting their own Colorado nature themed photos. We picked the favorites and had them enlarged and framed to decorate the walls…

The colors really livened up the office and people are excited to have their pictures displayed. We plan to do another round of photo submissions to fill in some of the remaining empty spaces. Our thought is down the road we will auction off some of the favorite pieces, donate the money to charity and then replace them with new submitted photos. This was a very successful and meaningful project for the employees."

Soon they'll post name plates next to each piece that explain who took the picture, where it was and the title of the piece named by the photographer. This gives the employees a great sense of participation and recognition by their company. The skill and quality of the photographs are professional-grade. As an artform, photography is very technical (when you want it to be) and we've seen many customers who work in hi-tech industries that take amazing photos and really bring their creative side out by printing with us. It is great to see a company rewarding employees for their talent, Lanx sounds like a wonderful place to work!

If you have an office with boring, empty walls share this idea with your management and give us a call. Canvas Press can help you create a positive working environment that allows everyone to participate by printing their photos on canvas.

Triptych Canvas Float Frame

Float Frame Canvases

Float Frame Canvases

Float Frame Canvas

Float Frame Canvas

Float Frame Canvases


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