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Canvas as Healthcare Wall Décor Solutions

by Canvas Press | May 22, 2009

A Canvas Wall Decor Solution

After contacting Canvas Press, your Commercial Art Project Manager (CAPM) will help you plan your project as well as meet your budget and deadline. There are several healthcare wall dcor solutions available from Canvas Press. Canvas Press’s main product, the gallery wrapped canvas, can be used in a variety of ways to ensure your healthcare environment is individualized and inviting.

Employee Walls

Patients are often eager to return home while staying in a healthcare facility. A wall of employee photos printed on canvas is a way to create a connection between patients and hospital staff. Retiring employees as well as distinguished employees can be recognized with large specialty canvases. These prints may include text with the employees name, position and years of service on the bottom.

Vision Statements

Displaying the healthcare facility’s mission statement on canvas in a very visible spot within the facility can serve as a reminder for employees of their greater purpose on a daily basis. This makes your wall dcor solution serve a dual purpose of art and relationship builder.


The hospital may want to display its logo in the main entrance. Healthcare funding donors may also be highlighted with canvas art. Oftentimes, donors come from very different industries and individuals. By using custom printed canvas art to display donors, it is ensured the logos will be formatted in a cohesive manner with similar sizing and texture.

Expansion Highlights

It can often take as long as a decade to complete healthcare renovations. It is important to keep healthcare visitors and donors excited and informed about the transformation. For under $200, a 30" by 40" canvas can be updated each quarter to keep everyone updated on the progress.

Inspirational Stories

Hospitals can often be places of stress. Having cancer survivors’ stories and photos, for instance, lining the walls can serve to calm visitors. This moves beyond art as a wall dcor solution and into art as a reflective story of those who inhabit a space.

Calming Colors

Colors have meaning in all cultures. White for purity, red for love, and yellow for happiness all colors have understood cultural meanings. Abstract patterns of a certain color can be hung on healthcare walls to create a desired mood. Check out the Abstract section of the Canvas Press sister site www.ReallyBigCanvas.com.


Photographs are particularly nice wall dcor solutions in healthcare facilities as they evoke an immediate human-to-human relation. Smiling faces within a photo deepen this relationship even further.


Canvas prints may also be used as signage to direct traffic flow within a healthcare facility as well as indicate reception locations, restroom entrances and waiting areas.

Art Interaction

Not all wall dcor solutions have to be DO NOT TOUCH items. Photos may be printed in the center of a large white canvas. The white border areas may be signed with thin black Sharpie markers by patients and visitors.

Easy cleaning is a major benefit of using canvas as a healthcare wall dcor solution. Simply wiping the dust away with a gentle stroke completes the cleaning. Additionally canvases are extremely safe because of their light weight and lack of glass. Canvas Press products arrive with special hardware included to minimize the possibility of art falling if bumped by a patient. Specialty safety hangers are available upon request.

If you would like to speak to a Commercial Art Project Manager about your healthcare wall dcor solution, please call 512-828-5553.

For more information on healthcare wall solutions, please visit http://www.healthcarefineart.com/.

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