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Direct Metal Prints

Make a statement on your walls with our direct print metal pieces, a less expensive alternative to our dye-sub metal prints. Our custom metal print wall art is printed onto a 3/16" aluminum composite material, which is a composite sandwiched between 2 layers of aluminum. The printing process is done on a state of the art UV printer. Which means the inks are cured with UV lights making it the PERFECT print for outdoor applications due to its durability to sunlight and the weather elements. Give our custom size metal prints a try, the result is a unique art piece that can live on for years to enjoy!

Direct Metal Prints Pricing

  Clear Gloss metal Matte Finish
clear gloss metal

Matte Finish

The UV direct prints creates a matte finish on our Direct Metal Prints. Printed on a state of the art 8 color UV printer. Which starts out as an aluminum composite sheet that is printed then cut down to any size imaginable!

Mounting Options

We have three options for our Direct Metal Prints depending on size. Stand-off mounts are ideal and a necessity for larger prints. Wood blocks are great for smaller pieces and appear to be floating. No mount is also an option for prints to lean against a wall.

Stand Off Mounts

Holes pre-drilled with all of the materials to get your print hung snug and beautifully on your wall.

Wood Blocks

Ready to hang with a nail or screw. Our wood block mounting options makes your pint look like its floating on your wall.

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