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Last Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas - Easy DIY Valentine's Gift

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Valentine's Day can get a little stressful. Especially for those who love to procrastinate. Guys, I'm looking at you. Valentine's Day is TOMORROW...just in case it slipped your mind. As of now, it may be too late to give them a few canvas prints from Canvas Press for Valentine's Day, so now what. Well, it may also be a little too late to buy flowers and have them delivered (unless you want to pay a $20 guarantee delivery fee) and I wish you the best of luck of finding something good at the grocery store. But there is still enough time to get them something good. You may need to do a little more work than you are used to, but in the end I promise your sweetheart will love it. Here are some easy DIY last minute Valentine's gift ideas that will save the day.

Idea #1 - Frame a Poem, Quote, or Song Lyrics

- You will need computer, card stock, a printer, and a frame (size of your choice)
  • Find a poem, or a quote either about love or maybe it encompasses the way you feel about your loved one.
  • Pick out a good font (please avoid comic sans) and write that poem or quote on your word processor software (ie Word, Power Point, or even Photoshop)
  • Align it however you creative
  • Print it out on the card stock you have...even resume paper would work in a pinch
  • You may need to cut it down a little to fit in the frame size you chose...that's not too tough. Be sure to clean the inside and outside of the glass of the's not cool to get a dusty dirty frame.
  • That's it you are done.
Now you have a one of a kind easy DYI Valentine's gift that she or he will love forever. See an example of what I'm talking about below Valentines day, valentines gift, gift idea, framed poem

Idea #2 - The Love Coupon Book

-You will need your computer, card stock, printer, hole punch and ribbon (or something to keep it all together)
  • Write out about 10 different coupons that your Valentine would appreciate on about a 4x4 space on Word, Power Point or Photoshop.
  • This could be a back rub, a foot massage, breakfast in bed, or even emptying the trash for a month...whatever. You know what they would really appreciate.
  • Print out the coupons on your card stock. Don't be afraid to use some color graphics on these...hearts, expiration dates, try to make them look like coupons.
  • Trim the card stock to the appropriate size and use your hole punch to punch holes in the same place.
  • Bind them together with ribbon or a ring clip.
That's it. It makes for a nice little surprise on Valentine's Day. They will love it. Valentines day, gift idea, love coupon

Idea #3 - Just Frame a Photo

-You will need to get a photo printed (either at a photo lab or on your own printer) and a photo frame. I suggest Hobby Lobby or Aaron Brothers.
  • This is a no brainer. Pick one of your favorite photos of the two of you. Get it printed...write something really nice on the back of the photo. Pop it in the frame and you are good.
  • The advanced version of this would be to add some writing or quote on the front of the photo using Photoshop or Photoshop express. This is a combo of Idea #1.
  • You could frame several photos and give them to your special person as a collection (maybe from your last vacation or just the 2 of you goofing around). Makes for a great wall collage.
That was easy enough.

Idea #4 - Instagram / iPhone photo book - My favorite idea

-You will need your computer, your iPhone camera roll (possibly Instagram), photo paper (card stock may work for this again), a printer, hole punch, and some ring clip binders...If you can't give photo canvas prints as your Valentine's gift this last minute option may be just as good.
  • Go through your iPhone and/or your Instagram camera roll and choose some photos of the two of you together or maybe a few photos from a trip together.
  • OR you can do a quick photo essay about your loved one and photograph things they would love...again, be creative but be quick too.
  • Size the photos to print about 5" x 5". Or 5x7 if you include regular iPhone photos (Instagram photos are square).
  • Print the photos on your photo paper or on the card stock
  • Be sure to make a title or front cover to your mini photo album and personalize it.
  • Line all the photos up and punch holes in the same spot on each photo to keep them lined up.
  • Bind them with the ring clips, or even better, with a little ribbon.
Now you have a gift that you both will love to look at. instagram, photo album, iphone, iphone photo, mini photo album, diy photo album So here you have it - 4 ideas for easy DIY last minute Valentine's gifts. Be sure to remember next year...and maybe you can order some canvas photo prints for your one true Valentine...or maybe you have several special Valentines in your life that you need to get some for. That's what we are here for. We hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day tomorrow.