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Growth Charts

For your child and for the kid in all of us.

Watching your kids grow up can be hard. At least now it can be stylish with our designer growth charts. Choose the design that fits your family's style. These growth charts can fit anywhere in your home and are easy to install.
Our growth charts have been designed exclusively for Canvas Press. They are printed on our EasyStick material to make hanging it a breeze. All growth charts are shipped rolled (not folded) to eliminate creases. Each growth chart is $19.99 and shipping is only $5.00 (Continental U.S.).
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Each of our growth charts are 52" tall x 11" wide. Installing your Growth Chart is easy with our EasyStick material.

Simply clean the area you wish to hang the growth chart with a damp cloth and let the area dry.

The top of the chart will be at 72" (6 feet), so measure to that point to mark where the top of the chart will be.

Lay the growth chart print side down and peel away the backing. You can save the backing if you ever need to move or temporarily take the chart down for storage.

Apply the chart to the wall on the mark you made at 72 inches and press down and smooth out from the top down.

Don't worry if you mess can peel the growth chart right off the wall and start again.

If you ever need to move your chart simply peel it from the wall and lay it on the backing you saved and roll it back up.

*The bottom of the growth chart will be 20 inches from the floor