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Five Basic Tips for Creating Better Photos with Your Smartphone main image
Five Basic Tips for Creating Better Photos with Your Smartphone
by Paul Cook | June 11, 2012

With the prevalence of smartphones in our society, the gorgeous gadgets are more of a necessity than a luxury. Apart from all the comfort that they have to offer, it is the smartphone camera that has ignited an unbelievable consumer interest into picture-taking, giving birth to terms like phoneography or iPhoneography. While the finesse a DSLR offers cannot be denied, it is the smartphone or iPhone you use to capture photos on the spur of the moment. Devices like smartphones ...

Instagram Nation Infographic main image
Instagram Nation Infographic
by Eric Von Lehmden | May 9, 2012

Since Instagram was just purchased for 1 billion dollars it would be nice to now the how it came so uber popular and...well...worth that much money to Facebook.? Here is a fantastic infographic to illustrate how this phenomenon caught on and how it is being used.? I think some of the best statistics on this infographic are that 58 photos per second are uploaded to Instagram, people "Like" photos more than they comment, and one of ...

Will Facebook Ruin or Improve Instagram? main image
Will Facebook Ruin or Improve Instagram?
by Eric Von Lehmden | April 11, 2012

I know a lot of people were shocked when they heard that Facebook bought the very popular photo sharing app Instagram.? I think the bigger shock was the price tag that was associated with the purchase.? Seriously...1 Billion dollars.? That is an insane amount of money for an app that doesn't support advertisers and keeps all user data private.? I know many of my friends who are very nervous about what Facebook might do to ...

Introducting Pinstagram - A Mash Up of Pinterest and Instagram main image
Introducting Pinstagram - A Mash Up of Pinterest and Instagram
by Eric Von Lehmden | May 4, 2012

Two friends who happen to be developers who love both Pinterest and Instagram decided to mash-up the two different programs into one.? The result is Pinstagram.? Pek Pongpaet and Brandon Leonardo are the two friends who decided to code this project taking it on as a new adventure and as a start-up that might be attractive to different Venture Capitalists out there.? Once you go to and log into your Instagram account your page ...

Instagram Has Made it All the Way to Sports Illustrated main image
Instagram Has Made it All the Way to Sports Illustrated
by Eric Von Lehmden | July 18, 2012

For the first time ever, Sports Illustrated will be using Instagram photos in their magazine.? On Wednesday, July 23rd the Sports Illustrated issue will feature a series of Instagram Photos taken by Sports Illustrated contributing photographer, Brad Mangin.? Sports Illustrated commissioned Mangin to cover Spring Training and baseball teams in the western part of the United States.? The resulting photos will be found in the issue's "Leading Off" section.? reports that the decision to ...

Take Instagram Out To The Old Ballgame main image
Take Instagram Out To The Old Ballgame
by Eric Von Lehmden | June 1, 2012

Instagram and the National Pastime are a fantastic fit.? It is something new (that makes your photos feel old) paired with something old (that has a new beginning every year).? Confused yet?? The one thing that baseball and Instagram have in common is a sense of nostalgia, creating memories that will be called upon each and every spring when opening day rolls around.? It makes for a perfect fit. The social photo sharing network has seen ...

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Tips-n-Tricks #104

Take photos of your child's artwork for safe keeping and to create yearly photo collages of all the artwork they create. Place the artwork on a flat surface in an evenly lit bright area for the best results.

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