Photoshop Surprise for Unsuspecting People at the Bus Stop

by Eric Von Lehmden | June 10, 2013

Photoshop played a little prank on some unsuspecting folks at a bus stop in Stockholm, Sweden. This was part of Adobe's strategy to promote Adobe Creative Days which is coming up on June 11th. Each person was photographed and then Photoshop artist Erik Johansson quickly retouches the image while the people watch. Not only is this an interesting way for Adobe to market Photoshop and the Adobe Creative Days, but it is also a unique take on street photography. Although it is all done in fun and jest I can see how some folks might feel a little uncomfortable having their photo taken secretly. I personally think it is well done and shows off some of the easy fun things you can do with Photoshop.

Check out the reactions of some of the people as they see their photos being manipulated right before their eyes. Check out the video dubbed 'Street Retouch'.

Video and graphic courtesy YouTube, AdobeNordic




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Tips-n-Tricks #143

To create a visual photo album fill an end table or console table with small table top photos in frames. Mix in photos of family that are both antique (grandparents) and photos from recent trips and adventures. Mix the styles and sizes of the frames for an eclectic look. Just remember to place the larger frames toward the back for better visibility. Fill the table with photos, it is a great conversation starter and just fun to look at and relive memories.

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