Congrats to our Vacation Photo Contest Winners

by Eric Von Lehmden | August 5, 2014

Big congratulations to our most recent photo contest winners.

1st place and winner of a 24"x36" 1.5" canvas print and 30% off Canvas Press orders for a year is - Kimberly Kieffer

vacation photo contest

2nd place and winner of a 16"x20" 1.5" canvas print and 20% off Canvas Press orders for a year is - Sheri Grabowski

vacation photo contest

3rd place and winner of an 11"x14" 1.5" canvas print and 15% off Canvas Press orders for a year is - Rick Kieffer

vacation photo contest


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Tips-n-Tricks #457

The Triangle Composition is when you arrange your subjects in a fashion that when you group together three points of a photograph and organize them so that they create a triangle and portray a feeling of stability. You can use the triangle as an invisible composition framework of a photo that will strengthen the photos message to the viewer. Perfect to practice with family portraits.

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