Friday Wrap Up 4/11

by Eric Von Lehmden | April 11, 2014

Happy Friday! Here are a few items we found on the interwebs (thanks Gas Monkeys) that sparked our interest and a few that got our creative juices going. There is a lot of...well...crap on the web and it can be depressing to sort through it all to find small gems that make is stop, maybe crack a grin, and dive into it for a little longer than the 30 seconds we might give everything else while we surf. We would love for you to share some of your favorite sites that inspire you, or if you ran across a product or a story that inspires creativity please send it to us. We would love to check it out.

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Tips-n-Tricks #83

Having great light is a must when taking a good pet portrait. Dogs and cats usually have darker features which is why having more light is needed to illuminate those features. Taking the photo of your pet on a contrasting background also helps distinguish their features. Taking a photo of your black lab laying on your black couch may not work out for the best. Try having them lay on a white blanket (then use the lint roller to pick up all the pet hair).

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