70 years of wedded bliss celebrated!

by Caroline Cohoon | February 23, 2012

That's right, you read the title correctly. 70 years MARRIED... Now that's an anniversary to celebrate! A customer came to me with a big request. He wanted a good, recent photo of his grandparent's together to showcase at their anniversary party. Problem was, the only recent photo of them included the whole family from a wedding. Not that that's a BAD thing, it just wasn't what they were looking for.

Here's the original photo.

original photo of the group

Could it be done? To be honest I've had a lot of Photoshop experience but I wasn't convinced it was possible. They were willing to let me experiment, and off I went! Here are a few samples of the work-in-progress stages...

major retouching in progress

It took 3-4 hours altogether, but finally I had it to a place I was happy with.

retouched photo of the couple

The customer was so thrilled with the results that we decided to add the OilWorks digital painting enhancement for that extra special touch. This was, afterall, his grandparent's 70th ANNIVERSARY (I'm still tickled over how amazing that is!) and this piece of art was going to inspire generations of their children to enjoy life-long relationships. I also liked the idea of painting over the image since, being a perfectionist, some of the digital retouching was still noticeable to me and I knew that would blend everything together.

retouched photo with oilworks digital painting

Ta-Da! We printed a copy on canvas and we gave them the digital file which they used to make T-shirts for the party! It was definitely a hit. One more time, here's a before and after glance...

before and after of major retouching

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