Canvas Press helps Good Housekeeping TV with a family room makeover!

by Canvas Press | October 13, 2010

The Radice family from New Jersey wanted a family room with something for everyone! Good Housekeeping came to the rescue to help them create the perfect space with all sorts of fun, personal touches. They sent a favorite family photo to us and requested a unique design that incorporated a "Pop Art" effect and split into multiple panels. Canvas Press created a custom design in fun colors and sizes to make the most interesting and personal artwork for their new room. Check out the video from Good Housekeeping TV...

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Tips-n-Tricks #475

"Free lensing" is when you take the coupling off of the back of a lens so that you can hand hold the lens in front of the camera without it being attached. This can give unique "tilt-shift" like effects to a photo taken.

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