Canvases decorate new McDonalds - I'm Lovin It!

by Canvas Press | July 9, 2010

Canvas Press worked with a marketing firm in Maine to prepare artwork for a new McDonald's restaurant in Bangor, Maine. The canvases were rushed in time for the grand opening and put just the right finishing touches on the restaurant. The sepia toned photos on canvas showed families, the Ronald McDonald House and historical photos of the restaurant chain. A hint of teal accent divided the collages and was used to create a color border for the sides.

McDonald’s Canvases

McDonald’s Canvases

McDonald’s Canvases

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Tips-n-Tricks #408

If you are photographing a subject who is pressed for time (ie bride and groom, or businessman) choose a location where you can get multiple looks or backgrounds without having to pick up and move all your equipment. By thinking through your options you don't waste time and you can get several different looks while keeping everyone happy and on time.

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