Summer Photo Contest from Canvas Press!

by Caroline Cohoon | July 28, 2009

Canvas Press is hosting it's first ever Photo Contest on our Facebook fan page. If you are on Facebook and are not a fan of Canvas Press, join today!

We're looking for your best summertime photo, whether it be a vacation shot, portraits, or just sweating in the summer sun! Entries will be posted on our fan page and voted on by our Facebook Fans. We will be accepting entries August 3rd through August 7th, so be thinking about what you want to submit!! One lucky winner will receive a fabulous prize.

Once all entries are submitted, we will host your images on our Fan Page for voting. Whichever entry receives the most votes wins! (Only one entry per person, please!)

So, let's get out there and show us your best summertime image!

Canvas Press Facebook Fan Page



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