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Transform your home or office with our custom wallpaper. Simply choose your size and the texture you prefer and we will deliver a quality wall mural that will customize any room.
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  Artistic Canvas Smooth/Matte Bling! EasyStick!
x $--.-- $--.-- $--.-- $--.--
24" x 36" $48.00 $48.00 $60.00 $48.00
30" x 40" $66.67 $66.67 $83.33 $66.67
36" x 48" $96.00 $96.00 $120.00 $96.00
96" x 96" $512.00 $512.00 $640.00 $512.00
108" x 108" $648.00 $648.00 $810.00 $648.00
108" x 144" $864.00 $864.00 $1080.00 $864.00
120" x 120" $800.00 $800.00 $1000.00 $800.00
120" x 144" $960.00 $960.00 $1200.00 $960.00
Each of our four different textures of custom wallpaper has a unique texture. Take a look at each option to see which is the perfect option for the wall murals you want to create.
Bling!Rich artistic canvas texture is the perfect wallpaper for wall murals with a painted look and gives depth to a custom design. Beautiful vibrant colors will pop off the wall and the canvas texture makes it perfect for high traffic areas.

Smooth/MatteA smooth to the touch look and feel perfect for any photo, art mural, or design you want to make a statement with.

Bling!For the wall mural that needs a little something extra. Bling! wallpaper has a subtle sparkle that will dazzle everyone. Excellent for anywhere you want to make a statement or have a little fun.

Fine Art PaperThis is perfect for short-term or projects up to 2 years. No paste needed. Just peel, stick & you are done. You can reposition this wallpaper over 100 times without losing it's "stick"

Ready for a 100% unique room with just the look and feel you want? Then take the plunge into the world of custom wallpaper. When you can turn your own photos or artwork into wallpaper or a custom wall mural, you can leave a lasting impact on any space. Invent your own muted pattern for subtle style, reproduce a vintage design or piece or art, or make an impact with magnificent photo mural wallpaper. The choice is yours!

We provide an array of sizing and finishing options to make sure you’ll end up with the custom wallpaper of your dreams. Each of our four wallpaper styles and textures is durable, professional, and elegant. Choose smooth/matte for a statement-making finish to a photo mural, or opt for a rich canvas texture to give your wallpaper depth and intrigue. For something less subtle, Bling! provides a slight sparkle that will make your custom wallpaper pop. Looking to work on a short-term project? Try our simple peel-and-stick paper, which is easy to apply and perfect for projects that last up to two years.

Hit “Start Creating” to begin exploring the full range of possibilities that are provided for you with our custom wallpaper and custom wall murals!