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Cropping Instructions for a Photo Canvas Gallery Wrap.

After you upload your photo you will be on the page where you can select your product, select your size and crop your image. Canvas is the default product. Then choose the size of your custom canvas print. When you are choosing your size from the drop down columns you will see the box around your photo change dimensions. You can then slide the box left and right or up and down (depending on the orientation of the photo). Changing the border menu option will also affect the crop and preview. Once you are happy with how the image looks click on the "Crop Image" button and click OK. You can also watch this video on cropping your image using Photoshop, click to watch video

Cropping instructions for a Metal Print.

Once your photo has been uploaded choose "Aluminum" from the Select Product drop down menu. Next choose the dimensions of your metal print from the menu. You can also change the orientation from vertical to horizontal. You can then move the crop box in a way that compliments the photo. Once you are satisfied with how the image will crop you can click on the "Crop Image" button and click OK

Cropping instructions for custom wallpaper.

When ordering custom wallpaper find out the exact dimensions of the wall or walls the artwork is going on. Add four inches to the total width and height of each wall to ensure you will have enough bleed to cover the entire wall. Once you have uploaded your image be sure to choose Wallpaper from the product drop down menu. Then choose the wallpaper texture and enter your total width and height you will need. Then move the crop box on the image however you want it and click on the "Crop Image" button. If you have questions or concerns about ordering custom wallpaper call us at 888.784.5553

Are you having problems making your image fit onto the canvas size you have chosen?

The area shaded in gray represents what will be printed on the sides of the canvas. If you are losing important parts of your photo to the gray area you can choose either the color border or mirror border option from the "Border Type" drop down menu which is just above the Width x Height menu. With the color or mirror border option more of your photo will be on the front of the photo canvas. With a color border you can select a complimentary color from a pallette of colors that will be printed on the sides of your canvas print. With the mirror border option we will select a portion of the edges of the photo, then flip them and print them on the sides of the canvas.
If you are still can not fit your entire image into the cropped area try increasing the size of longer side of your photo or decreasing the size of the shorter side of your photo. By adjusting your width and height dimensions any crop can fit the whole image.

How do I know if my photo is good enough to print on canvas?

Look for the pixel dimensions of your image and check it against our chart to see the largest size we recommend. You can also use our image consultation feature to send the file to us to review. Take a look at this blog post to help you get an idea on the quality of your photo. http://www.canvaspress.com/blog/2011/05/24/how-big-can-i-print-my-photo-on-canvas/

I have my own scanner, what settings should I use?

Depending on how large the print is and how large you want to go you should scan from 800 to 2400 dpi. Be sure to crop to just the image area so that the scanner surface is not included. Some scanners include software to remove dust and scratches automatically, if you still see a lot of imperfections and spots on the digital file you can add Minor Retouching to the order and we will remove that.

What file formats do you accept?

You can upload JPG files up to 100MB in size. We can work with almost all digital file formats so if you have something else you would prefer to use contact us about sending the file to us for conversion for online ordering. If you are working on a special project then please use the following link to transfer your photo(s) to us. http://www.transferbigfiles.com/dropbox/canvaspress

Do I need to prepare the file for printing?

You can send it to us as is and we'll handle all the preparation. If there is an issue with your file not working properly we'll let you know. If you are creating a file specifically for printing please set it up as RGB, 8-bit at 100dpi or higher. No larger than 240dpi is necessary. Why only 240 dpi and not 300 dpi? The short answer is that when printing photos on canvas, metal prints, or photo prints the printer only needs the files to be 240 dpi. Anything more than that is overkill. This saves you room on your file size as well.

Why is my photo too small to be made into a photo canvas?

If you saved the photo from the internet or it was emailed to you it may be a low-resolution version for easy web viewing and transmitting. These files have been compressed and unfortunately once they are saved in that small format they cannot be enlarged again and if so, they will appear blurry and distorted. It is best to upload the original digital file taken by your camera for printing.

Will you tell me if my photo won't work well?

Yes. Professional artists and photographers review every order that comes in and if we have concerns about whether or not your image will look good as ordered we'll contact you by email and/or phone.

What printing technology do you use?

Our canvas prints and fine art photo prints are giclee prints as they come from high resolution wide format inkjet printers. Photos on canvas, metal prints, and photo prints are all printed on different high end printers to ensure quality and detail.

Will my finished canvas print look like the image on my computer screen?

Every computer screen displays images differently. Unless you have a profiled monitor, it may not display accurate colors. We always visually check that images look their best and do minor color-management at no charge to ensure quality canvas prints or any other product. If your image needs dramatic color adjustments please select our minor retouching enhancement. You may contact us for our ICC color profile if you do have a calibrated system.

The preview of my image on your website has different colors than normal, will it print like this?

The website does not read any profiles from Photoshop, so it may appear dull or slightly off in color if you have done additional editing to the image, but we will see those adjustments when opening them for printing. The site may also not properly display images in CMYK, but these will print in the proper color.
The best color space to use for sending files to print with us is sRGB.

If I order custom canvas prints, is the size I order the print or the finished product?

For canvas prints, the size you order is the size of the finished print. We print the image larger to accommodate the wrap. For non-stretched canvases, the size you order is the actual image area. We include an additional 2 inches of blank canvas on all four sides to assist in stretching at a later time.

Can I turn my iPhone photos into a canvas?

Absolutely! The trick is choosing the right size of photo from your iPhone. You can order your canvas print right from your iPhone if you would like. Or, when you know which photo you want to print to canvas, email the photo to yourself and make sure you choose "Actual" size. Then save that photo to your desktop. You are now ready to order your canvas.

Can I print my Instagram photos on canvas?

Yes, you can. Your Instagram photos are saved on your camera roll. Email the Instagram photo to yourself. Make sure you select "Actual Size" when you do. Once you save your photo you are ready to upload it to our website. Most Instagram photos can be printed up to 24"x24" square canvas prints, and many times even larger.

What type of enhancements do you offer?

The enhancements available to add to your order online are Black & White or Sepia Conversion, Retouching and OilWorks. We offer additional services such Photo Collages and Multi-Canvas Collages available offline since these jobs require custom quotes. If you are interested in one of these options please contact us for more details.
You can have us print your image in Black & White or an antique Sepia tone and we will make sure your image converts to that color with the proper contrast and exposure. If you have already done the conversion yourself and are happy with it as is, leave the order as "Photo As Is" and we will print the image as it is received.
Minor retouching covers color correction, red eye-removal and simple touch-ups to the image. Major retouching would include more in depth correction or restoration needed and may require additional charges if more work is required. Please specify in the comments box what specific items you would like retouched. If you aren't sure which option to choose for your image please contact us.
OilWorks is our exclusive service that gives your photograph the look of a real oil painting. These are digitally painted by an artist using a stylus connected directly to the computer. An artist paints the entire image and makes slight adjustments to ensure the image is the best it can be while remaining true to the original photo, but with an overall soft, smooth look with light brushstrokes.

How long will my canvas print last?

The inks we use are archival quality and through tests have been estimated to last over 90 years before showing any signs of fading or discoloring. Photo on canvas are only intended for indoor use, but even in display of direct window light should still last for decades to come.

How long will my metal prints last?

Our metal prints are made with a dye sublimation process. The inks are bonded to the metal making them extremely resistant to fading, even if displayed outdoors. Metal prints can also be cleaned with household cleaners. The inks are rated to last 75 years.

How long will my fine art photo prints last?

We use archival quality inks for each of our photo papers. Each ink is rated to last over 100 years. Photo papers are only intended for indoor use, we recommend framing behind glass for the most longevity.

Does my photo canvas come with hanging hardware?

All of our quality canvas prints come ready to hang with hardware. All canvas under 30" long will have sawtooth hangers attached. Any photo on canvas over 30" will have beehive hangers with instructions on how to install. A beehive hanger is a unique hanging system that allows for easy hanging and leveling of your canvas. Security hangers and wire hangers are also available. Please call for a custom quote.

Does my AlumiPrint photo on metal come with hanging hardware?

AlumiPrints 8x12 and larger come with a mounted block on the back that allows you to hang it on the wall with a single nail to create a floating effect, no additional framing is required. Smaller sizes such as 8x10 and 8x8 come with an easel back and hook allowing you to hang or display on a shelf. Small, 5x7 photo metal prints have a desktop easel attached to the back.

How are your fine art photo paper prints finished?

All of our photo paper prints are prepared loose, with a white border or cut exactly to size if you specify. We do not offer mounting or framing of paper prints.

Do you have decorative framing options?

For photos on canvas only we have two different frame style in four colors each. The Float Frames hold a 1.5" canvas gallery wrap with a gap between the edge of the canvas and the frame. The traditional frames sit on top of the .75" canvas. Everything is custom fit and assembled with your image on canvas so it is ready to hang when it arrives.

How do I install my custom wallpaper?

We will send you detailed instructions on the basics of hanging wallpaper with your order. We will let you know the tools that will be needed and even a resource you can go to if you do not want to hang the wallpaper yourself.
Our EasyStick! Wallpaper does not need wallpaper glue to install. Simply peel the backing and stick it to a clean wall. If you make a mistake then you can always peel it right back off the wall. The paper is made to be reused up to 100 times.

Can I see what my image will look like before printing?

Our online design tool shows you exactly what the final crop and wrap (if applicable) will look like and this is the best digital proof that can be provided regarding the size and cropping of the finished piece. We automatically send proofs of any orders requested a text overlay to ensure the layout is done as you wish.
Other enhancements do not automatically include a proof in the process and if you have concerns or would like to see the results before printing please make a comment to that effect when ordering.

I cropped my image but the thumbnail on my confirmation doesn't look cropped, will it print correct?

The thumbnail in your library, shopping cart and order confirmation is your original image. The purpose of the thumbnail is just to verify that the correct image is chosen, it does not reflect the cropped image you saw in the design which is how the finished print will be done.

What are the border options for canvas prints?

There are three different border options for a photo on canvas. Image Border, Mirror Border, and Color Border.
The default option is the Image Border. With this option the image will literally wrap around the sides of the canvas.
With the Mirror Border option we will select a portion of the edges of your photo or artwork, flip them and print them on the sides of your canvas.
The Color Border option will allow you to choose from a color pallette. That color will then be printed on the sides of your photo canvas.

Are there any restrictions on what type of photos can be printed?

You can print any digital image on canvas with us whether it be a photograph, painting or digital art. There are no restrictions on what subjects can be printed but Canvas Press does reserve the right to refuse orders with questionable content. You must however be the copyright owner of the image or have obtained

Can I print copyrighted materials?

The law protects copyright holders from having their work reproduced without compensation. This means that you must have permission from the copyright owner to print a copy of their image. The copyright owner is usually the photographer or artist who originally created the image, or it may be an agency which has licensed and/or purchased the rights to resell the image. If the photo you plan to use is from a professional photographer you must have a release that states you have permission to use the image for personal use. Images from the internet are generally copyright protected and are also displayed at too low a resolution for printing. If you need an image that you do not personally have you can purchase a hi-res digital copy from a stock photography site which will allow you to print it.
When placing an order with us, you must agree that you are the copyright owner or have permission to reproduce the image(s) submitted to Canvas Press. If the image submitted contains copyright information not matching the customer details we will contact you for verification and may have to cancel the order if permission cannot be obtained.


How do I place an order?

From our homepage, click "Create Your Art". Then select browse to choose the photo or artwork from your computer. Once you have found the image select it and click the �upload� button.
After you image is uploaded, you can choose your product, product size and crop the photo. You can also add custom image options for an extra touch, or add text to your photo before adding it to the cart. Once you check out your order is on its way to us to print your custom canvas prints, metal prints, custom wallpaper or fine art photo prints.
We do require you to have an account to order a photo canvas or any product but there is no charge to have an account with us. By creating an account and signing in before uploading an image, your photos will be saved in a library for easy access to through your account at any time, from any place.

What payment methods are accepted?

Canvas Press accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Your card is charged at the time of checkout online. At our Round Rock office you may also pay in advance with check. We do not accept cash at our location.

The order said it was "declined" or the transaction could not be completed, what happened?

For security, our merchant services provider verifies that all billing information for the credit card matches what the bank has on file. If the billing address you entered does not match the card you used, the transaction will be declined. Be sure to also verify that the number, expiration date and security code are all typed correctly. If you still have trouble there may be a communication error with your bank, please contact them for more information.

Can I call with questions and talk to a real person?

Absolutely, we are here to help! Our staff is made up of professional photographers and artists to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Please call us Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Central Time at 888.784.5553. If you reach us after hours feel free to leave a message, or email us at support@canvaspress.com

How do I turn an actual photo into a photo on canvas?

Since this is a digital process we need to scan a copy of the image before turning it into a photo canvas. You are welcome to mail it to us for scanning, or you can take it to a local photo lab or copy store and ask for a high-resolution scan.
If you are sending the original to us for scanning we can accept prints up to 9x12 in size, 35mm negatives & slides and 120mm (medium format) negatives. If sending a negative, we recommend you include a reference print for us to match color and overall appearance. Be sure to properly secure these items in a photo mailer to prevent damage in shipping. Download our scan request form that you will fill out with your information and potential size of the finished product. We will scan and upload the image to an account for you online to complete the order. Please visit our Contact page for our mailing address.

Can you make a copy of my artwork onto a canvas print?

Yes, that is called "Copy Work". For any pieces of art or photos that are larger than 9x12 that cannot be scanned we offer our Copy Work services. This service is great for artists who are wanting to sell copies of their original work. You can ship or drop off your artwork and we will photograph the artwork. We will also provide printed proofs to ensure color matching. This service requires an $80 set up fee and $15 per piece, for up to 5 pieces of art. Return shipping fees of original artwork will be assessed per order to ensure proper security of the pieces, our flat shipping rates do not apply to returning original artwork. We are not responsible for any damage to original artwork that occurs in transit or while in our facility. Artwork is well cared for and kept as safe and secure as possible.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Production time depends on the product and enhancement(s) ordered. Canvas Prints and Fine Art Photo Prints typically take 2-3 business days for production, AlumiPrints (metal prints) and Custom Wallpaper take 5-7 business days for production, although AlumiPrints may take up to 2 weeks for production depending on volume.
In addition to the standard turnaround, please add an extra 2 business days for production of orders with major retouching, oilworks, and frames. Oversized canvas prints (larger than 60x40) and high volume orders (more than 5 pieces) will also add to the production time.
For shipping we use FedEx and offer Overnight and Express (3-day) service for expedited orders, and those orders are considered "Priority" and will be completed and ready to ship as quickly as possible. Ground transit time can take up to 5 business days although our central location allows us to reach most parts of the country within 3 business days for ground service. If you have a specific timeline for when your finished project is needed please contact us with details and we will do everything possible to accommodate your needs.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

Yes, our office in Round Rock, Texas is open for you to pickup orders during our regular business hours, Monday � Friday 8am-6pm. When selecting your shipping service choose �Local Pickup� as your option. Visit our Contact page for our physical address.

How do I check the status of my order?

You are welcome to call us for your order status, or log in to your account and click on the Order Status section under My Account. Here are the possible steps your order could be:
File Prep - Your image is being prepped to be printed
Production - Your image is being printed and/or stretched for canvas prints.
Review - We will be in contact regarding your image
Shipped - Your photo on canvas is on its way. You should receive an email from FedEx with the tracking number. Be sure to check your junk mail box if you don't see it in your inbox.

What if I made a mistake and need to cancel or change my order?

If you have made a mistake with your order or need to cancel it, contact us immediately to see if production has started on your order. Please call 888.784.5553 during our business hours of Monday � Friday, 8:00 am � 6:00 pm Central Time, after hours email support@canvaspress.com.

I am Tax Exempt or have a Reseller License for the State of Texas, how do I set up a tax exempt account?

Email us a completed State Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate and contact us to confirm receipt. Once we have that we can set your online account to be tax exempt.

Do you offer corporate or wholesale discounts?

We offer volume discounts for large projects of canvas prints, metal prints, photo paper prints, and custom wallpaper. Please contact us at 888.784.5553 for more information.

I forgot my password and am having trouble resetting it, what do I do?

If you forget your password, go to the Log In page and click the link that says �Forgot your password?� You will be prompted to enter in the email address from the account and the site will email you instructions. A randomly generated password will be in the email but it will not work until you activate it by clicking the link included in the email. Be sure to check your spam folder for the email from Canvas Press
When you click the link it will take you to the Log In page again and you should see a green box notifying you the password was updated. Enter in your email address and the password from the email. Once logged in you can click the green link on the account homepage which says �Change Password� to set a new, more memorable password. Please remember it must be 8 characters long.

Is my personal information secure?

Canvas Press respects your privacy. We do not store payment information and your personal details will never be sold or distributed to a third party.

Shipping and Returns

What is covered in your Lifetime Guarantee?

We stand behind our product, and our lifetime guarantee covers the quality of materials and craftsmanship of canvas photo prints. Warping, yellowing, fading, rippling, sagging or cracking of the frame, canvas or inks is covered. Any damage or defects from improper use or handling will void this guarantee. We do not accept returns solely for the request to choose a different size, options, product type, style, border or enhancements, with no defect in the original product as ordered. If your canvas has a problem that you believe qualifies for the lifetime coverage, please let us know as soon as you discover the issue so we can produce a replacement. Refunds will not be issued for claims under the Lifetime Guarantee.

What shipping method do you use and how long does it take?

We ship with FedEx and offer Standard Ground, Express 3-Day and Overnight services. Ground delivery times are generally 1-4 days for the Continental United States. We do offer service to US territories and APO/FPO addresses through the US Postal Service which may take up to 4 weeks for delivery and there are some size limitations. Oversized canvases are crated and shipped with a freight service and take 3-7 days for delivery.

How much does shipping cost?

Stretched Canvas and Metal Prints: For most regular sized stretched canvas and metal prints, we offer flat rate shipping for your entire order - $15 for standard ground, $40 for express 3-day and $55 for overnight. Medium sized prints requiring custom-made packaging materials and shipping rates are $20 higher. Very large prints require custom-made packaging materials and freight shipping at $100.
Non-Stretched Canvas, Photo Paper, Wallpaper: These items ship for the same flat rate as regular sized stretched canvas.
Growth Charts: These items ship for $5 per each two Growth Charts.
Orders with multiple product types are only charged the single highest rate of all the products (large quantity restrictions may apply).

Where can I find my tracking number?

In your Account Overview when you are logged in to Canvas Press online there is a link for order �details and tracking� under the Order Status Overview section. Click this link to retrieve FedEx tracking numbers and status for all of your previous orders. In addition you will also receive an email from FedEx once your package has left our dock. This email will include tracking information for your package. Should you have any questions regarding the status or whereabouts for your order please give us at call at 888.784.5553.

Do I have to sign for my package when it is delivered?

We do not require signatures for delivery and in general, at residential deliveries the package will be left at your front door. Leaving the package is at the driver�s discretion and if he/she feels it inappropriate to leave the package unattended they will leave a door tag with notification. Be sure to contact FedEx immediately to arrange delivery or pickup of the package. Commercial deliveries and packages valued at over $500 require a signature.

What if I need to change or reschedule my delivery?

FedEx offers a great service called Delivery Manager which lets you be proactive about your deliveries and customize them as you need. Get started at http://www.fedex.com/us/delivery/

Can you ship to a PO Box?

We must have a physical address to ship to because FedEx cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

Can you ship internationally or to any USA military address?

We can ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses using the US Postal Service, although size restrictions may apply. In general, stretched canvases up to 30x40 can be shipped to a military address and non-stretched canvases in any size. For international orders, we are happy to accept these by phone and/or email as our website does not process international payments. Size limitations do apply and additional shipping costs will be required.

How are the prints packaged?

Canvas prints, metal prints and photo paper prints 17x23 and smaller are bagged and shipped flat in custom boxes designed to protect them in transit. Oversized canvases are crated and shipped with a freight service. Non-stretched pieces and larger photo prints are shipped rolled in a tube.

What if my prints arrive and are damaged?

We have a very low rate of damaged packages but accidents do happen. If your package and the print inside arrived damaged please take photographs of the damage and email them to us at support@canvaspress.com. We will handle the claims process and begin a replacement piece for you immediately. The shipping company may need to retrieve the items for inspection so please wait for further instructions from us before disposing of the item or any packing materials.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day return policy so you can exchange your print if there is a problem with it. If we have made an error or if there is a defect please let us know right away. If the print does not hold up to your standards please let us know how we can help make it better.
You do not have to send the entire package back, we just need a cut out piece from the print. AlumiPrints can be sent back or if small enough, mailed in a flat envelope. Larger aluminum returns may be accepted with photo evidence of a problem, please contact us for details.
We do not accept returns solely for the request to choose a different size, options, product type, style, border or enhancements, with no defect in the original product. Enhancement and shipping charges are non-refundable, and any return shipping costs (if applicable) are the responsibility of the customer.

My tracking information says the package has been delivered, but I don't see it. What do I do?

Sometimes drivers like to leave it out of sight so be sure to check all your doors, behind any landscaping or under a carport. It may also have been left with a neighbor accidentally or for safe keeping if they were home at time of delivery. If you are still unable to find the package please notify us so we can begin a trace with FedEx to see where the driver may have left it. It is important to follow up on this as soon as you notice the problem, waiting a week can hinder the chances of finding the missing package.