Photographer’s Rights. Know What You Can and Can’t Photograph While Traveling in the States

This can be a touchy subject.  I am extremely grateful for everything our police officers and all first responders do for our community.  Ever since 9/11 police have been quicker to stop photographers who are taking photos of public buildings and architecture.  I have been stopped on numerous occasions.  All[…]

Putting Our Heart & Soul in to Photos on Canvas For…You!

As we are getting closer to Christmas we, at Canvas Press, wanted to take a little time out and give a huge thank you to all of our amazing customers out there who have ordered a photo canvas or even multiple photos on canvas.  We know there are several choices[…]

  1. Hazel Garcia: We proud of you guys, keep up the good work. This would be perfect for Christmas gift, that can be…

Creating a Workflow System: Get Your Photos Off Your Camera

You know the one nice thing about back in the day when all you could take photos with was film…you actually got photos out of the deal.  Real, touchable, feel-able photos in your hands to look at.  In the digital age it is so easy to get in the habit[…]

  1. Elizabeth Knowles: Very good article.

  2. The Canvas Press Blog » Blog Archive » Don’t Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids – Part 8 – Let Them Be Kids!: [...] period.  Which is completely normal.  Just follow your photo organization like we talked about in Creating a Workflow System…

Be Inspired: Andreas Gurskey

Andreas Gurskey recently made big news in the fine art photography world for selling a photo for 4.3 million dollars.  Pretty insane right.  Well the photo has been object of a lot of criticism and acclaim over the last few weeks, but the one thing you can not take away[…]

  1. Donna(Hye Young) Jung: When I saw the Gursky's Photo for the first time,I Feel very strong empression of Rhinell.It is really outstanding work.…

Don’t Say Cheese! How To Take Better Pictures of Your Kids – Part 6 – Figuring Out Your Camera Dial

I have to give a big thank you to my sister Jen for coming up with this topic.  What the heck do all these things mean on my camera dial?  They could also be somewhere on your point and shoot…Let me give you an idea of what I am talking[…]