How big can I print my photo on canvas?

How big can I print my photo on canvas?

It’s a question we get asked all the time. People want to know how large they can print their image, taken from their camera. The terminology can be confusing but we’ve prepared this chart to serve as a guideline. The MegaPixels in your digital camera translate into pixel dimensions, which tell us how large an image can be printed. All cameras have different settings (read our previous blog post to see just what can happen if you don’t know your settings) but the dimensions listed here are for the maximum available for the respective megapixels listed.To determine the pixel dimensions of your image, find the file on your computer and right click (control + click on a mac) and select “properties” (or “get info” on a mac).

megapixels chart

This is just a rule of thumb, depending on the clarity of the image, any enhancements added and the finished look you are going for, some images may not work at these sizes and some can be done even larger. If you have your hopes on something bigger than what is recommended here please use our image consultation form online.

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    This is super helpful! And just goes to show you that the megapixel madness of the newer sensors these days is ALL marketing hype. Unless you want to print on a billboard, you do not need 24+ MP! Now if only Nikon would get the memo…

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