The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift

Make your life easy with a gift card from Canvas Press. It has happened to everyone. You forget about a birthday or anniversary until the last minute, or maybe you’ve searched but just never found the right gift. You sigh, and resign yourself to the standard gift card you can buy in the grocery store checkout line. It seems too generic, too impersonal.

Canvas Press introduces the solution. Since December 2007, we are now offering Canvas Press gift cards. This is a completely new type of gift card, one that is NOT generic and VERY personal. A canvas print is a sentimental item that captures memories and emotions and preserves it for a lifetime. With a gift card, you are giving the opportunity to create something like this.

It is simple. Keep the gift a surprise and don’t worry about trying to sneak around and find the perfect photo. This way, whoever received the gift card can pick their favorite photo and work directly with us to get just what they want.

It is a classic card, standard size and sturdy. It is easy to give and looks great. The recipient redeems the gift card at using the barcode characters, and the amount is applied to their account. The funds are available for use at any time, on any order. The best part is there is no need to worry about losing the card.

A housewarming gift, wedding or baby shower present, you can even pool funds at the office to give a co-worker something nice. Even if mom lives far away, send her this special gift for Mother’s Day. Gift cards are available in values from $50 to $500, so pick the amount that is right for you.

There is no charge for shipping on gift cards and they are sent out via FedEx Express Saver and will arrive within 3-4 business days.


  1. Posted by Betsy, at Reply

    during the holidays i make a small gift card tree for my family. i place the cards in envelopes so to maintain that element of surprise.

    sometimes it is a struggle to find cards that every family member would want to receive. cards are like starbucks cards, everyone can order to fit their tastes.

  2. Posted by Emily, at Reply

    Good point Betsy!

    I’ve found teenagers really like these cards. They are so into their pictures at that age.

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