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recycled art supplies

Recycling Art Supplies

Want to give you little bit of a lowdown on something that we are proud of here at Canvas Press.  As you know, we print all kinds of custom sized canvas prints.  All of our canvas prints get printed on large rolls of artist canvas that come directly from the[…]

custom wall art

5 Reasons Why Custom Wall Art is Better Than Store Bought Wall Art

1. There Are Options for Everyone While there’s no denying that you do sometimes get lucky and find a have-to-have piece in a store, wall art made to appeal to everyone doesn’t always fit the bill. With custom wall art you can create your own vision using neutrals to neons,[…]

  1. Rhonda Rice: What product/size is shown here on this fireplace? I want to print a similar photo I took in December of…

    • Doak Walker: The piece in this image is about 36" wide by 96" tall. You can get pricing at

top decorating blogs

5 Decorating Blogs to Follow For Inspiration

The wife and I love to decorate and redecorate the house. I am in charge of the wall décor and Kim (my wife) is in charge of arranging the other stuff. Yes, our responsibilities do bleed into each others…probably more than we would want. I’m not sure where this bug[…]

  1. Sherry Patrizi: Eric, Did you used to live in Austin? or Pflugerville?

  2. jamesphil: Thanks for sharing .

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Selects From the Week – 1/29

We are already at the end of January.  It is so cliche to say that time flies, but the reality of that statement is so true.  Just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas and being with family.  Soon after the decorations came down (for most of us) and new year’s resolutions[…]

  1. Harry kent: Amazing photographs that you have here. and the painting also looks very realistic. When in need for a good picture…

wall art trends

Wall Art Trends for 2015

With your spring cleaning this year you might also be considering a bit of spring redecorating. You can find thousands of ideas online incorporating the new wall art trends for 2015, many of which incorporate your favorite canvas prints. To get you started, here are a few of our favorites.[…]

printing to canvas

Q&A About Photo Resolution for Printing on Canvas & for Web Display

We recently received an excellent question from one of our customers about photo resolution and how it relates to enlarging photos for printing on canvas, metal or photo paper vs displaying on a website.  Caroline did such a wonderful job answering the question I thought it would be great to[…]