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store canvas prints

How to Store Canvas Prints

Artwork is an investment and certainly isn’t any less so when the artwork is your own. Even if you came in below your budget with your canvas prints your prints have value to you and to your family, and if properly cared for can last for decades. When it’s time[...]

Friday Wrap Up 7/25

At the end of each week, I like to share a few links that the Canvas Press team has stumbled across and found enjoyable.  It could be a something beautiful, creative, artistic, tasty, funny or weird.  There is interesting stuff out there.  We invite you to share any interesting or[...]

make a camera bag

How To Make a DIY Camera Bag

Yes, photography is an expensive hobby.  I am sure we can all agree on that.  Cameras, lenses, flashes, more lenses and more accessories…when you get bitten by the photography bug you really feel the need to have all of it.  And it is not cheap.  Not even the bags that[...]