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Photo CDs from Tours Capture Vacation Memories

by Caroline Ulbrich

2010-05-25 14:05:17

As you are planning your next vacation you have a lot to think about. Transportation, accommodations, tours, packing and so on. You also know once you get there you want lots of pictures to remember it by but that doesn’t require any planning… right?

Wrong. Sure, you can head off on vacation with your trusty camera and no plan but to snap away, but knowing what you will need can depend on your planned activities. Some things, like snorkeling for example, may be very hard for you to photograph if you don’t have waterproof equipment. You may also just want to sit back and enjoy your trip, soaking in the scenery and having fun with friends and family. Maybe you don’t even remember to reach for your camera until its too late.

There is a new trend in organized tours that includes photography of the excursion. Someone from the tour will take digital photos during the activity and once it is over you can preview them and opt to purchase a disc of the files.

This is a great addition to any tour. There is no up front cost to you and little extra work for the guides, but they can make a little extra income from sales and you can relax and know someone is getting the shots you need. As a bonus, many will include stock scenery shots of the tour. If the day your excursion happened was overcast and drizzly, you may still get a photo of the landmarks you visited in perfect weather.

My family recently traveled to Australia and purchased discs of photos from the tour companies for every excursion they did. They enjoyed snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef while the professional divers snapped pictures of them and all the amazing wildlife they saw underwater. Also venturing up the Sidney Harbor Bridge, you aren’t allowed to have your own camera for safety reasons, so they make sure to capture that special moment for you.

You may think to yourself, “Sure, but they take photos of everyone there and I don’t need pictures of complete strangers.” That may be true, but some tours will offer you a discount to only buy 10 pictures, instead of the whole bunch. Then you can pick out the ones you want. Just keep in mind, these discs don’t usually cost too much as a whole, and once you go to download the files onto your personal computer you can only copy the ones you want and just leave the rest on the disc.

I was offered this option on a river tubing outing in Jamaica, but I had brought a disposable underwater camera to take my own shots so I declined it. After coming home and having them developed I discovered they were pretty bad (those cameras just aren’t that good) and I wished I had bought at least a few of the pictures they took. It always makes a good backup.

It’s important to get some good shots from your vacation because they make the perfect decorations and gifts. High resolution digital photos can be used to make all sorts of fun photo products, including large canvas prints. You can decorate your home with a beautiful sunset from your activity, or the landmark shot that was a part of the disc. Then you’ll have a daily reminder on the wall of how much fun you had on vacation. If you went with a group of friends, when Christmas comes around you already have the perfect gift idea: a photo of all of you on vacation, printed as an 11x14 gallery wrap. It’ll be even better since all of you will be in the shot, you won’t be missing the person who is the photographer!

So, when picking out your tour guides and activities for vacation, check to see if they offer this service. Get an idea in advance of the price and if they don’t offer it, check out a few more companies that may. Even if you end up taking your own shots, getting the group photos will be a nice addition. You’ll have plenty to choose from to make art for your home or even office that helps you remember the fun you had on vacation.

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