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Decorating your Wedding with Portraits on Canvas

by Caroline Ulbrich

2010-05-18 10:05:45

Weddings are big business nowadays. It is a $50 billion annual industry and the average wedding costs $28,000. The most disappointing fact is that the majority of that money will be spent on items that will only last one night. When it comes to purchasing décor items and finding ways to personalize your special event, look for an option that will not only dazzle your guests on the night of, but also give you life-lasting art to be treasured? By using canvas photos of your portraits to display at the wedding you can save a little money and have beautiful, personal artwork to decorate your new home when all is said and done!

Let’s face it, framing is expensive. While you may not pay a lot for a standard photo print, to get it matted and framed you can easily add hundreds of dollars onto your cost. If it happens to be a custom size, double the amount you think you may have to spend and that will likely be your cost. To get large (16x20 and up), elegant and classy photos to display at your wedding, your best option is a canvas gallery wrap, which needs no framing. It also only takes 2 days (or less!) for Canvas Press to ship out an order so you can get them quickly!

It is traditional to have engagement pictures and bridal portraits taken a few months before the wedding and those are great opportunities to get good photos that will make beautiful displays at your wedding. Whether you hire a professional, grab a friend with a good camera or do it yourself ( la tripod) it is a great idea to take a few special photos to commemorate this time in your life. Tell your photographer you want photos on canvas, or get copies of the high-resolution digital files to send to us at Canvas Press for printing.

Set your engagement photo on canvas up on an easel at the entrance to the ceremony so your guests can enjoy it as they arrive. It is the perfect way to celebrate the union that is about to happen in that very location. Then, move it to the reception site and set it next to the bridal portrait you had done. Everyone will admire how stunning you look in that dress - but it is important to only show your bridal portrait at the reception, you don’t want to give any sneak peeks before everyone sees you walk down the aisle!

Another way to integrate photos and canvases into your wedding is to have copies of your parents wedding portraits made. Make these 11x14 and prop them on tabletop easels next to the guest book and later on the wedding cake to honor your families. When the wedding is over, have one of your portraits made into a canvas in the same size and make a neat wall display of all of them together. You can also use these as gifts for your parents if you are looking for something special to give them.

Using your portraits on canvas to decorate your way is a cost-effective idea for your wedding which gives you something to enjoy everyday ‘til death do you part… They will look amazing and your guests will adore the decorations. If your wedding is around the corner and this is one thing that has slipped your mind in the overwhelming task of wedding planning, give us a call today and we’ll make your dreams of photos on canvas at your wedding come true!

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